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Always putting people first. Over 25 years of clinical experience.
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When you choose Physiotherapy on Main we recognize that you are also placing your trust in us. We will try to live up to and exceed your expectations by doing our very best, every time.

People often ask, “Why did you go into physiotherapy?” The first part of the answer is that we genuinely enjoy helping people. You can’t be a good physiotherapist and not enjoy working closely with people. Physiotherapists have a deep understanding of how the key systems of the body work. When something goes wrong, we think of how that part of the body works, isolate why there is pain, dysfunction or both, and then take steps to fix the problem by addressing the “why?”

Physiotherapists are university trained, regulated, primary care health professionals. We are natural problem solvers and critical thinkers. We look to the evidence to determine what is best practice …

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Joseph Federico PT

Celebrating 25 years of practice! Joseph is the clinic director, and a practicing physiotherapist. He graduated from the University of Toronto Physical Therapy Program in 1995. Specialty courses at the University of Toronto included Physical Therapy in Sports and Rheumatology.

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What Our Clients Say

We are genuinely interested and committed to getting you better quickly. Our success is measured by your improvement and satisfaction.


Jeff and Joe are awesome physios who put me back into one piece all the time! Jeff is a KT tape artist!


Great staff and place! Always friendly and they get me out of pain quickly. There is no entrance from inside the building. Only from Kent street. Very close to transit.


I really like this Physiotherapy clinic. Their online system to book an appointment is super easy to use and very convenient. My physiotherapist, Jeffery Edwards, is such a nice man and is very knowledgeable about his field. I really like his bedside manner. Would recommend this clinic to anyone.


Customer service was truly exceptional at this clinic. I would have a very personalized response from the front desk and they would follow up whenever necessary. In regards to the service and quality of the physiotherapists, I had both Iris and Anna who were exceptionally personable and friendly. I could trust their opinion and they felt they gave advice that allowed me to heal as quickly as possible.


Incredible patient service with very professional and friendly staff. Very convenient, central location on Slater and Kent. Quite affordable.
The physical therapist spent an hour one-on-one time for my first appointment to get a full understanding of my injuries. Best physio clinic in the city! Jeff Edwards is fantastic and very knowledgeable.

Also, most supportive waiting chairs I’ve ever seen. Smart for a physio clinic.


Jeff is the best! He’s very caring and dedicated to providing the best care for his patients. He also gives really good exercises, and there is no pressure to keep coming back unnecessarily. The website makes it very convenient to book/reschedule appointments. Overall, this is a very well run clinic.

About Us

Community Involvement
What we do in the Community.

  • Fundraising for local charities.
  • Volunteering for local causes .
  • Involvement in local Community Associations .
  • Health and lifestyle activism through social media .
  • Support local schools and youth.
  • Attend local health fairs and events.
  • Provide educational presentations – Frequent contributions to local newspapers and online.

If you feel that we can do something for you or your group, call us and we’ll help out if we can!

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