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BUSINESS BEAT – Chance Scenario Paves The Way For New Physiotherapy Clinic in Corners on Main After a winter of weather whiplash, the spring season beckons with the opening of a new full-service physiotherapy clinic in Old Ottawa East. Physiotherapy on Main, the new sister location to Physiotherapy on Kent, recently opened its doors at 60…
Parsonage-Turner Syndrome: A Case History A young woman in her mid-thirties recently presented to the clinic with left arm pain and numbness. She reported an acute onset 6 weeks earlier, with no obvious precipitating factors.
“Tom, Dick, And Not Harry.” You’ve got to love Anatomy 101. It is filled with all these fun (and some sketchy) mnemonics to help the learner commit things to memory. The lower extremity is divided into the thigh - the length between your hip and knee, and the leg - the length between the knee and foot.
A Woman Who Reached Beyond Her Time 'World War C.' I just heard this term used today. It aptly describes the time we are living through.
Two Patients. One Treatment. In the current environment we find ourselves in, non-essential health services have been suspended.
La Forma dell’Acqua I can still recall the gulping sound of my oar entering the water, the gurgle through the pull, the slip as the blade exited, and the smooth hiss of the shell running along the surface of the water.